Hello all,

Not sure when the issue started precisely (sometime between December 1st and today, since the issue only started to happen when I launched Dota tonight). When I launch Dota, despite having Vulkan enabled for months now, it automatically forces the choice under "Resolution" to "Use my monitor's current resolution," despite having had selected "Use advanced settings" with "1920x1080 (144hz) and "Borderless Window" for years. This persists even after I change the settings and restart Dota - it will revert back to "Use my monitor's current resolution." This, of course, adds a bit of annoyance any time I try to alt-tab out of Dota, as it takes a second or two to switch out of Fullscreen and to whatever window I switched to. The bug is only partially there if I switch the rendering API to DX11. While it still forces the option to "Use my monitor's current resolution," it appears that it still functions under Borderless Window, rather than Exclusive Fullscreen.

I'll link a short video here that should hopefully show what I'm talking about.

Here's a screenshot of my specs to hopefully show that I'm not running Dota on a potato and therefore shouldn't be having these problems, I guess?

Things I've tried:
- Switching the Rendering API from Vulkan to DX11
-- Works, but not ideal. I would rather use Vulkan.
- Putting "-windowed -noborder" in Dota's launch options via Steam
-- Does nothing, as far as I can tell.
- Verified the integrity of the game cache.
-- Made me feel good about myself, but unfortunately did nothing.

Any help would be appreciated!