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    Text bug

    Hello everyone! Firstly I want apologise if I am posting this on the wrong forum please move it if so. Recently I have purchased a Helios 300 laptop and ran into text issues with my Dota 2. Here are 4 screenshots regarding the matter
    Now I want to point out that I did update all my drivers, verified my game cache and even redownloaded the whole game to no avail. Lastly I do suspect that this issue is specific to the helios 300 as I have no problem when I launch the game with my old laptop. Hopefully someone will have a solution! Thanks for reading have a nice day =)

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    Hi aveyo thx for the reply! I have tried every possible rendering option but seem to fix the issue so I just left it on opengl

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    This issue is in the game for about 1 year, why is it not fixed?

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