Every sound sample is glitching really bad (in the menu, and in game on hero's sound lines, anything...), outside of the game simultaneously my sound is absolutely fine with spotify/discord etc.

I have not been able to play dota without this issue occurring for 2 days. The last time I played before this was 7 days ago where the issue was not present.

I have tried:

Uninstalling dota, reinstalled
verified cache
changed various sound settings, switching soundcards in the menu & changing headset -> 2 speakers -> 4 speakers etc.
tried alternative usb soundcard and direct jack output from motherboard
tried looking in cfg file for the recent 7.1 sound bug issue (it's set to 0 already)
opting out of steam beta

Any suggestions on a solution or other things to try & what this could be?


I've also posted here, someone else seems to have the same issue: