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Thread: [SUGGESTION] Nerfing by percentage vs. amount ~

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    [SUGGESTION] Nerfing by percentage vs. amount ~

    If many players are complaining the overpowered or imbalance of speed amount that could affect the AGI heroes for too much, then why don't change amount of mana gain into percentage?
    Sage's Mask provides 0.75 mana regeneration per second.
    Crystal Maiden's Arcane Aura provides up to 2.7 mana regeneration per second to her allies.
    And many more mana regeneration which are based on amount increment instead of percentage.
    Why don't switch them percentage and force the AGI or STR heroes to be more dependable on increasing in intelligent in order to gain more mana regeneration by the support of an item or skill from ally.
    There is no need to keep nerfing the INT heroes especially Crystal Maiden till she becomes so weak with ultra slow movement speed and high mana cost skills.

    Arcane Aura of CM can be in the form of percentage increment such as level 1 will add 10% of ally base mana regeneration, level 2 will add 11%, 12% and 13% at max. If an AGI hero has mana regeneration as low as 0.5 mana per sec, then that AGI hero will gain 0.5 x 0.10 mana regeneration to 0.55 mana regeneration per sec.
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