As the title states, some of the Custom Loadouts do not function correctly. I'll try to provide some details:

Symptom #1: Set items that do not use all of the cosmetic slots, when equipped, prevent saving a Custom Set.
See the Anti-Mage Loadout screen on my account (yes, I have uninstalled and reinstalled). When trying to create a Custom Loadout for AM, when certain item sets are selected, I am unable to save a Custom Loadout. Examples include anytime the Golden Basher of Mage Skulls item set is equipped, I am unable to click the 'Save As Custom Set' button (it disappears and even though other custom cosmetics are selected in the current loadout. I can't seem to attach screenshots of this (uploader just spins, but I can provide upon request). This happens on other heroes as well.

Symptom #2: Custom Loadout screens lockup the game client when trying to select either the Full Sets window, or when trying to equip individual items to the item slots.
This does not happen on all heroes, just some, but it happens on at least 10+ heroes for me. One example is Chaos Knight. When I click the Full Sets Window, the entire game client freezes up for at least 5 seconds, sometimes as much as 45 seconds before rendering the window where I can select a full item set. Additionally, upon selecting an item set, the game client locks up again for at least 5 seconds, sometimes as much as 45 seconds before loading the selected item set onto the hero. This same symptom also happens when trying to select individual cosmetic items for a hero, for instance, trying to change the helmet for Chaos Knight. This happens for *MANY* other heroes so just let me know if you need a complete list

Symptom #3: Toggling custom sets and equipping a custom set needs to be two different actions.
Less of a bug, more of a quality of life improvement request. When I want to setup a bunch of custom sets for a hero to be part of the shuffle, there needs to be two different click actions: One click (maybe left clicking) equips the set to the hero while another click (maybe right clicking) adds or removes the set from the shuffle. It's really annoying when trying to setup custom set shuffles with the only click I have either equipping or add/removing the set from shuffle. Can we please get this functionality separated in a meaningful way?

My account is listed under a different e-mail than this forum account so if you need further details please DM me and I can provide specifics if you want to try to look at my account specifically or impersonate it to try to replicate the problems.

Slainte mhaith,