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Thread: [Rubick arcana] collection of bugs

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    [Rubick arcana] collection of bugs

    1. Rubick uses footstep sounds

    Since he is constantly flying, he should never use footstep sounds.

    2. The entire bundle can be equipped in the back slot

    As of now, you can put the bundle into the back slot. Doing so removes his cape entirely.

    3. Rubick has no injured version of Telekinesis, Fade Bolt and Spell Steal

    If you add injured anim to a unit, then make sure their spells have injured versions as well, because else they'll look choppy.

    Rubick's arcana has injured idle, attack and move animations, but no injured Telekinesis, Fade Bolt and Spell Steal.

    4. Rubick's rare idle animation plays during Dark Ascension's flying phase

    This was fixed for Firefly and for Arctic Burn, but not for Dark Ascension. The rare idle animation should not play during Dark Ascension.

    5.Arctic Burn's flying height doesn't match the height of Firefly and Dark Ascension

    The flying height of the Arctic Burn animation is significantly lower than those of Firefly and Dark Ascension. So if you have Arctic Burn + Firefly/Dark Ascension active at the same time, he constantly shifts his flying height back and forth.

    The flying heights should all be equal (also, why does he even have separate animations for flying when they are all identical anyway? Why not just one flying move anim which he then uses for all flying spells?)

    This goes for the default Rubick as well btw.

    6. Charge of Darkness run anim has no sounds for Rubick

    Rubick's charge of Darkness is completely silent currently. It has only the cast sound, but not the movement sounds.

    7. Spell Steal's projectile doesn't travel all the way to Rubick

    The arcana's Spell Steal projectile only travels for like 1000 range at max, and then starts whirling around a single spot, instead of traveling all the way to Rubick.

    8. Spell Steal's projectile gets stuck when recast before previous cast finishes

    This is a bug with Spell Steal in general. When you cast it a second time, the first cast's projectile does not get destroyed. Instead, the first cast prematurely destroys the 2nd cast's projectile, and its own gets stuck permanently on the map.

    The arcana version is worse, because its particles don't destroy themselves and stay forever.

    9. Shapeshift's animation doesn't match the transform time

    Shapeshift's cast animation is too short and doesn't match the transformation at all. There is absolutely no transition between Rubick and the wolf form.

    10. Life Drain's custom particles are reversed for Rubick

    Life Drain's particles have 2 states: Yellow for healing, blue for restoring mana.

    Rubick's custom Life Drain particles have their logic reversed. They currently use blue for healing, and yellow for restoring mana instead.

    11. Flaming Lasso's secondary target is based on the primary target instead of the caster

    Flaming Lasso currently uses the green lasso on the secondary target only when the primary target of the cast is Rubick with the arcana equipped. This means Batrider uses the green lasso when he lassoes an enemy Rubick with the arcana, and arcana Rubick's lasso uses the yellow version when he lassoes enemies.

    The second lasso should be entirely sourced to the caster, not to the primary target.

    12. Shuriken Toss' secondary targets are based on the previous target instead of the caster

    Shuriken Toss' projectile is currently based on the previous target's hero. This means if cast by Bounty Hunter and it bounces off of an enemy Rubick who has the arcana, it will use the green projectile, even though Bounty Hunter had cast it. For Rubicks with the arcana, if it bounces off of an enemy Bounty Hunter who has a custom Shuriken Toss equipped, it will use that custom Shuriken's projectile, instead of the green arcana projectile.

    The Shuriken Toss bounces should be entirely sourced to the caster, not to the previous bounnce target.

    13. Rubick's arcana lists Shadow Dance in the arcana progress list, instead of Dark Pact

    Rubick has a custom effectg for Dark Pact, not for Shadow Dance. The item currently says it customizes Shadow Dance instead.

    14. Rubick's Walrus Punch has several issues

    1. The arcana version, the launched Rubick does not copy Rubick's equipped itejms properly. The arcana is never copied, and the shoulders appear to be not copied either. It works fine when not using the arcana.
    2. The punch launches a default attack projectile along with the Rubick projectile, which seems to be not related to the Rubick projectile at all. Both projectiles seem to behave independently. The basic projectile does nothing on impact.
    3. When casting multiple punches, the particle effects get permanently stuck. The spell fails to keep track of its projectiles so that multiple casts interfere with each other.

    15. Rubick's Sanity's Eclipse is missing its target particles

    Sanity's Eclipse creates particles on every hit enemy hero. The Rubick arcana version currently has no particles at all. It should have a green version of the target particles (or at least use the default particles)

    16. Rubick's arcana doesn't mention that it changes Lucent Beam's effect

    Since Lucent Beam and Eclipse use the same particle effect, Rubick's custom Eclipse effect changes Lucent Beam as well. But Lucent Beam is neither mentioned in the Arcana progress list, nor does it get the revolving cube particles around the ability icon in the HUD when stealing Lucent Beam.

    17. Spectral Dagger's custom particle doesn't work half of the time

    The green Spectral Dagger only works when you ground-target the spell. If you directly target an enemy, it uses the default black/purple color.

    Also, the debuff doesn't work either. The debuff always creates a black/purple trail, and never a green trail.

    These are the same bugs Spectre's own immortal had

    18. Terrorize's custom effect partially affects Bedlam as well.

    Since Terrorize and Bedlam use the same wisp model, the wisp in Bedlam is green as well. But the other Bedlam particles remain pink, which looks very unfitting.

    Either make Bedlam use the default Wisp for Rubick's arcana, or add a green version of the Bedlam particles as well, so they fit together.

    Also, similar to Lucent Beam, Bedlam is not shown anywhere to have custom effects.

    19. A lot of customized spells for Rubick have some parts which still use their default colors

    Shockwave: The debuff particles are still light blue, instead of green
    Call Down: There's a blast in the explosion that's still orange/red, instead of green
    God's Strength: Turns Rubick red still, instead of green
    Primal Roar: The particles on secondary hit targets are still yellow, instead of green
    Berserker's Call: The debuff effects on enemies are still red, instead of green
    Nature's Attendants: The heal particle effects on healed units is still yellow, instead of green
    Supernova: The fire on damaged enemies is still orange/red, instead of green
    Stifling Dagger: The debuff particles are still golden, instead of green
    Cinder Brew: The debuff particles are still golden/brown and the fire particles still orange/red, instead of green
    Chaos Meteor: The debuff particles are still red/orange, instead of green
    Shadowraze: The debuff particles are still red, instead of green
    Shadow Wave: The damage particles are still pink, instead of green

    All other spells have their debuff/target particles colored green as well. Only these here still use the default colors.
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