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Thread: [DOTA PLUS] Relics not counting stats in-game!

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    Angry [DOTA PLUS] Relics not counting stats in-game!

    Dear Devs,

    As per the title, I had tested 2 games and found that relics are not counting consistently. Had performed the stats requirements and at the end of the game it only counts as 1. In this case , I've been using Pudge and doing the "Self-Deny with Rot" atleast 5 times whilst winning a Ranked game, NOT a Turbo game. Also with a previous normal/pub match it does not take any Self-Deny with Rot into the stats. Take a look for yourself in this replay: 4295216164

    Other stats also randomly works in-game (can be visible when you perform a kill, etc once or twice) whilst some Relics do not register any stats at all!

    Hero Challenges are also NOT counting after successfully completing (No star after checking back in hero loadout).

    Dota Plus is a subscription and this is the best it can offer. Might as well just use inscribed gems


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