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Thread: Tiny Toss ability must be reworked

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    Tiny Toss ability must be reworked

    Hello guys, due to an avalanche of idiots/noobs and all kind of players(most of them retards) from the shittiest in games system that ever been made aka the BEHAVIOR score, not SKILL, not MMR just BEHAVIOR score system who doesn't even verify the veracity of the the Tiny toss ability must be reworked. Yes those robots pick Tiny and throw allies into the enemies without their permission this ability can't be tickle off like other abilities came from an ally so the "Grabs the nearest unit in a 275 radius around Tiny, ally or enemy, and launches it at the target unit or rune to deal damage where they land. If the tossed unit is an enemy, it will take an extra 30% damage." must be reworked so an ally can tickle off or on as he wish.

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