I think it is unfair that some Dota 2 skins are impossible to acquire. There is a few skins I really want, but they are skins that were only granted during special events. Now I understand that you want to make skins unique, but if people are busy and unable to play that event due to some circumstances I think it is unfair that the skins should be unobtainable for the people. For instance I really want the Desolate Conquest from legion commander and the Lion Hell Spar Anathema, but I was busy with exams during those times so couldn't get the items. A lot of people don't want those items and they have them and I am sure that they would like to sell the items. So you have people who are sitting with the skin who don;t want them and then you have people who really want the skin, but don't have them.

So in both cases I think it is really unfair to the people who want to buy and sell specific skins.

So I suggest to make them either marketable or tradable or both.