DotA is a multi-million dollar game, why have the tooltips been fucked up ever since the last patch been released?

Over 10 items have movement speed tooltips, all of them are wrong, it's been like this for months.

Sange and Yasha, Sange, and Heavens Halbert still says they maim, they haven't done that in months.

Most of movement speed items that are not boots are very confusing, the tooltip says its a percent, but also says it isn't a percent and it's a constant, well which one is it, have you not decided?

Battle fury says it has passive Quell, which is a percentage bonus against creeps, but quelling blades passive was changed... years ago? Does it actually have a % boost against creeps, or is it an actual constant damage like the quelling blade?

Nullifier has an active effect of mute, what is it? Every single other item explains what their so called "ability" or "effect" does upon holding alt.

Can't think of any more at the moment, those are only off the top of my head, but they are MAJOR tooltip flaws that cause confusion.