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Thread: Non-Stop Crashing Since 7.21

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    Non-Stop Crashing Since 7.21

    The sequel to my previous thread.

    Same thing as last time, no dumps.

    I reinstalled my OS and moved a bunch of things to a VM to do work now. I don't know what to say, why the fuck does this game break anytime a patch is released?

    My Programs:

    EDIT: I took some time to play around in a Bot game and see how it works. Apparently the game doesn't actually crash, it just hangs for an extended period of time, when checking task manager during this time DOTA stops using any RAM and seems to drop down. Once it "recovers" the RAM usage climbs steadily back up and it will do this continuously.
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    I have this kind of problem even before 7.21, waiting here to see if someone got the solution

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    My game hangs a lot, try turning unit speech off and see if that helps. I would get hangs of up to 30 seconds before this

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