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Thread: Matchmaking language abused, result in "5-player party" in solo restricted matchup

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    Angry Matchmaking language abused, result in "5-player party" in solo restricted matchup

    Abstract: Matchmaking Language system is abused by workshops and groups, resulted in an actual "5-player party" vs "5 none party players" situation (preferred by groups/workshops). Or an intended "5-player party" vs "5-player party" situation (preferred by workshops).

    To replicate this is simple:
    1. Among the 5 players establish a group-chat though 3rd party platform. e.g. discord.
    2. All player select a same matchmaking language which is barely used (e.g. Portuguese)
    3. Start to queue in the same server at the same time.

    The chance of queued up at the same side is extremely high.
    Even when the queue only resulted in a 3-player party, it's already enough to secure a very high win rate especially in a low-mmr game (below 4k solo mmr).

    What's more. In workshop case scenario, During the connection phase, the player who enters first can check if 5 players are on the same side.
    If the queue result is not preferrable, one of the 5 players can disconnect and receive the punishment, while 4 other accounts can keep on queuing until a preferable result is achieved.

    A quickfix would be simply to remove the matchmaking language optiion in ranked matchup because it is simply achieving very little regarding to it's designed object while the result of abusing is severe and already caused a major disturbance in ranked mmr system, and this is the exact system that make LOW COST workshop MMR BOOSTING service possible.

    Because, for workshops, A SINGLE high ranked player smurfing may still be hard to turn the tide, while a 3 or 5-MEDIUM RANKED SMURFING party, can end a game VERY QUICKLY around 13min-18min.(e.g. Visage Beastmaster Lycan Drow Pugna/Jugg/Undying line-up) For whrokshops, win-rate(above 90%) and speed is extremely important.

    Yes, the very vital part of the dark-side economy chain is EXACTLY the Matchmaking Language system.

    Possible to fix?
    Or just remove the system before a better fix.
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    matchID 4479020363, 4 players on the radiant team (Kunkka UD Visage Pugna) are smurf party. lv8 account *4. Using this method.

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    I post about the same thing and nothing is ever done. There's the same 5stack that does this every day and never punished. I think they actually play from asia or something and when they queue on other regions it always puts them on the same team because of the regional settings that were put into matchmaking a while back.

    Most of the other solo players I get on my team even know about this group already too. Like everybody knows about it, but there's no system to stop it. They spend so much time and work on balance patches, but I'd rather have an answer to the boosters than any balance patch.
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