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Thread: Flawed matchmaking and report system (Please read)

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    Exclamation Flawed matchmaking and report system (Please read)

    Dear Dota 2 Developers and Community,

    I am writing this post on behalf of the matchmaking and report system of Dota 2. The whole system is completely flawed, without a doubt. I have spent thousands, yes thousands, of dollars of hard earned money on this free game, just because I like in game cosmetic items. It is so disappointing that the company that owns this game, Valve, does nothing to fix these issues. Let me point out some facts that are slowing killing the game day by day.

    1. US East server is bombarded with Spanish speaking people from South America. I donít care that these people use this server, as long as anyone queuing for US East from a South American location is put into a separate matchmaking pool. This issue has been going on for years and Valve has done nothing about it. How am I supposed to play a team game with 4 other members on my team that donít speak any English at all? Literally more than 50% of ranked games I play on US East are with a team full of Spanish speakers from South America. In every one of these games I get reported for speaking English on a US server. This is an issue that Riot Games have done a very good job with. When playing ranked on League of Legends, I have never once had someone on my team who cannot speak English.

    2. Report and matchmaking systems are broken. As I mentioned before, playing with a full team of Spanish speakers as an English speaker on US East results in 4 reports. The reports then lower your behavior score. Having a lower behavior score results in matches with more Spanish speakers and toxic players which causes you to start tilting. Being tilted results in actually using chat to argue with other players that then results in more reports. It is a chain reaction, especially when you only play ranked matches on an account. So now, my account that I have spent thousands of dollars on is now literally unplayable on ranked. I am at the point now where I have received a 6 month ban imminent notification for the first time ever on a 6 year old account. I realize now that if your behavior score drops below a certain point you should not queue for ranked games. It seems that the strategy is to spam Turbo games until your score goes back to normal, then it will be safe to queue for ranked again. The report system also seems to be non-validated. I have been reported a ton in games that I did not break any of the rules. Once the majority of team starts being toxic I resort to using the Mute All Chat option and only use the chat wheels to communicate. In these games I did not say anything negative in chat, did not intentionally feed, and did not abuse abilities. People just report you because they believe that it was your fault for losing the game.

    3. Another issue with the matchmaking system is smurf accounts. Valve thought that making it a requirement to link a phone number to your account would stop people from playing ranked on multiple accounts. This idea is, you guessed it, completely flawed. The reason this is flawed is because of Googles amazing services. All you have to do is create a new Google Account and sign up for Google Voice. Boom, now you have the ability to create as many accounts for ranked as you would like by creating a Google Account for each Steam Account. The implementation of this feature by Valve when Google Voice exists literally blows my mind. The design of this feature when they know that Google Voice exists is a testament to the design of their other systems.
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