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Thread: Suggestion: Optional matchmaking with region lockout & strict ping limits.

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    Suggestion: Optional matchmaking with region lockout & strict ping limits.

    Relying on people to specify their language doesn't work & playing on a US server is like playing on a server in Peru or Venezuela.
    If this game is going to require strict teamwork, and teamwork requires communication, then everyone needs to be able to communicate properly,
    otherwise, remove the report system/punishment system, because what is the point of being draconian with that, if you're not going to tackle this issue?

    And it isn't just the language barrier. So many games have people losing connection or "not scored because poor connection", and 9/10 its someone outside of the US playing on the wrong server.

    If some people want servers where anyone can play, fine, but atleast give us the option to do matchmaking with locals only.

    Also, instead of muting people, put them into low priority, because it punishes the rest of us, when they can't speak.

    Honestly, the report system does nothing to fix any of the issues and is often itself abused, and if fake reports don't put you in LP, the game's crashing will.
    There is a better solution than using this useless report system, design the game better.
    The level of abuse I witness or encounter in this game, as well as other issues, I don't see in many other games. This game's design is why the community is toxic.

    The flaws of DOTA 2, are like the running water in an overflowing sink. The report system and current matchmaking, are like using towels to stop the overflowing water.
    Maybe instead, fix the flaws, turn off the tap.

    UPDATE: Uninstalled this game, not solely because of this issue, but because the game has an issue with crashing, and I just got 2 abandons and now LP through no fault of my own. Last straw.

    There are great features/mechanics in DOTA 2, but unfortunately the bad outweighs the good here. If you have to endure sadistic torture to get any enjoyment out of this game, it isn't worth it. There are plenty of other games that are fun and challenging without this nonsense.
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