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Thread: Got my 2nd abandon from the game crashing.

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    Got my 2nd abandon from the game crashing.

    First time, gave me BSOD while clicking guides.
    2nd time, DOTA 2 wouldn't reopen for 7 minutes, even after killing the process and Steam.

    And then to add insult to injury, your flawed punishment system makes sure that anyone who crashes through no fault of their own, has to go through LP.

    I hope you'll take this as an opportunity to fix the issue, but for the time being, I am removing this game in favour of something else that isn't going to crash, and then punish me for it.
    I have a limited amount of time to play a game, and a game should be challenging and fun, not sadistic torture, not a chore.

    I know I am not the only one who has been experiencing terrible performance in this game. How can this game have so many issues after 6-8 years?
    Is it because it is free to play? If so, then charge money for the game. Do you have adequate programmers? Does anyone from the dev team actually listen to any feedback or care?
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