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Thread: What the actual F***

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    Unhappy What the actual F***

    I almost dont care about bad players, at least i dont harass them first, trying to give recomendations what to do and how make it right, but what can i do with this type?
    First point of my dissapointment was no comments from ruiner, he did this in full silence, no one stolen his role, banned his hero, or verbal abusing him, he just died solo and then tp on mid with wards to die under tower, and repeated this for the end of game.
    Second was commend ruiner from enemy, what a lowly animals we have here.
    And third: at one moment i realise that i have seen this nickname already, i checked this on opendota and that what i see
    He ruin again
    And his last page
    How can this TRASH 0 be divine 5? How can he even have >50% winrate with KDA lesser then 1 in average?
    Add personal skill, please, current system is almost unplayable, how can we see new professional players if gaining mmr is holding on blind luck?
    And i found his second account
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