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Thread: About the "report" against feeding/airline. A logical bug/a solution

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    About the "report" against feeding/airline. A logical bug/a solution

    A bug not technically, but rather logically exist in the report system. This post answers a tricky question: How to pinpoint smurf account and if the player INTENTIONALLY performs badly (i.e. feed). Or in other words, this post contains a solution that resolves the "intentional feeding/tiny airline" problem, "smurfing and feeding" problem as a maybe major part of it, might be alongside eliminated. The following content only applies to ranked match.

    The logic behind:
    Intentionally feeding/Tiny airline is the most devastating "element" in Dota 2 that ruins the gaming experience. The behaviour itself should be eliminated. Players tend to do that more carelessly when smurfing due to less care towards the MMR.

    1. Separate the "trash talk" report and the "intentional feeding" report.
    Limit the report against "intentional feeding" to a much smaller level. (e.g. 1 report per month, but each success report gets a replenish)
    2. the "intentional feeding" report data should go through a human check as well. (at least at the starting stage).
    3. If confirmed, a player first time reported should receive a warning. Then under successive report, the player shall receive much more severe ban
    (at least 1 or 2 weeks ban as a start line.) (2-week ban/1-month/6-month)

    Note that the skill is not taken into consideration, so only "intentionally (hero/cour) feeding"/"tiny airline" are punished.

    The current logical bug is that under the current system, the smurfers are better-off than the normal players. Players can receive a whole lot of 3hrs/24 hrs (at most) bans. For a smurfing player, 1 or 2 days ban is nothing, however, for a normal player, it might be huge.

    Under the suggested system, it's necessary to specify why normal players are comparatively safe from the ban.
    a. As suggested, because at the early stage there'll be human watching the data.
    b. As suggested, the number of reports is extremely limited.
    c. As suggested, only players who are reported and performed a "very forbidden certain" activity would receive the ban.

    Since the report number is extremely limited, only smurfers/players who break the rule will be reported, and the potential 2-weeks/1month ban is huge for all of them. As a result, feeding/airline shall be eliminated.

    P.S. I had a dream last night and that dream inspired me to write this post. Magic.
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