I'm not sure if anyone else is having this issue, but gameplay gets confusing when I want to pick a talent and the talent tree list is broken, or spells don't show the proper information.

How can this be fixed, short of uninstalling and reinstalling the game? (I have already verified the integrity of local game files, to no effect.)

For example:
Bounty Hunter level 20 talents are +125% jinada critical strike, and +75 shuriken toss damage
Juggernaut level 25 talents are +5 omnislash strikes, and +600 health
Slardar: His third ability's text still says "Grants a chance that an attack will do bonus damage and stun an enemy. The duration is doubled against creeps." (However, it takes 4 attacks before it automatically bashes; the text does not state this whatsoever.

What's going on?