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Thread: Crash to desk without error message

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    Unhappy Crash to desk without error message

    Hi, I been having this issue since October, the game just crashes without warning, at random times, I've tried the solutions posted here and none of them worked.
    Since the start of the problem I've installed windows from 0 two times, and reinstalled DOTA and Steam at least 4 times.

    Here are the last 5 dump files, and the List_my_programs txt, with the game running and after a crash.

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    If still unsolved:
    There is some sort of 2d external hook that tries to write over the game.
    Remove compatibility options set for dota2.exe.
    Disable / uninstall Logitech software (specifically the discord plugin).
    Disable/close/uninstall any global overlays / window manipulation / remote-desktop / vpn / virtual touch/input stuff. Probably something you've activated with one of the directx sdk's.
    You should not mix gaming with work, as most dev software causes issues hard to debug (that's what virtual machines and dual-booting are for)
    And remove ESET software - it is a known program that messes up Steam and Dota 2. There are far better solutions available that don't affect gaming (Avira, Trend etc.)

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