Hi Devs,

Tried reaching out via email and on twitter but never got a response, so I thought maybe I'm lucky and it'll be at least seen on here:
I'm currently in an awkward position of only having Vodafone hotspot internet from across the street. Had that for a while and will continue to have only that for a while due to insane construction work issues in my street.

The issue is that I can't connect to any Dota2 server.
Obviously I can play hero demo mode, but I can't even create a lobby and connect to that or watch a game, much less queue for a match with my friends.
At first I thought it was because I used my phone as a usb-tethered wifi antenna, but now that I'm properly connected to the hotspot itself with my PC, I know that's not it.
I can't send a ticket via the Steam client, because in the "technical issue" page the first step of gathering data about my PC literally never stops, it keeps on going forever, never finishing. And so I can't send the request through.

I've talked to my hotspot provider and they say there's not ports being blocked, so the reason why it doesn't work would be on Valve's side.

Error messages are:
-Nothing when I start a lobby game, it just tries to connect:

then goes back to the menu without another word:

When trying to watch a game, first an incredibly long load time with loadscreen then:

Other games like PUBG work fine, have no issues and are stable even, which was a pleasant surprise seeing that the hotspot internet was stable enough to play an online multiplayer shooter well.
Is there anything I can do? Can Valve throw me a bone here and try to work this out, please? I've sunk quite a bit of money and time into Dota, because it's one of my few leisure time hobbies. Would be a shame to have no way at all to play for months.