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Thread: GetFantasyPlayerStats returns blank response

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    Question GetFantasyPlayerStats returns blank response

    I'm mucking about with a project for suggesting fantasy picks in the DPC, but GetFantasyPlayerStats only returns a blank response.

    Is it possible that FantasyLeagueID is different to LeagueID? If so, how would I find the FantasyLeagueID parameter for a given tournament?

    Or is it that this method is not intended for use (or public use)? There's been an empty link on the TFwiki's API documentation about GetFantasyPlayerStats for some time now, but it's still marked "TODO".

    Here's a sample request (sans key, of course) using the LeagueID for DreamLeague Season 11 as the FantasyLeagueID:<YourKeyHere>&FantasyLeagueID=17465

    It produces the following response:

    I sourced the GetFantasyPlayerStats method from a request to this URL:

    Here is the relevant excerpt from that response:

    If it's not meant to be used yet, or to be used by people outside of Valve at all, then I'll stop writing the wiki page and start trying to figure out how to request "Teamfight Participation" from the API, if there is a way...

    ...And then I suppose I'll have to do all the fantasy math my damn self.
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    Isn't teamfight participation just (kills + assists) / {radiant|dire}_score?

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