I muted my mic and keyboard, muted all chat, played Rubick support and dropped in behavior score (with proof) after 50+ games.


7 conduct scores: https://imgur.com/a/IZgmAzu

Dotabuff: https://www.dotabuff.com/players/88852832

So as the title states, I put in serious effort to change my behavior score for the better. It was already at an abysmal low to begin with and I included conduct of when I still had mic activated and played core roles, but once that started to prove inefficient I went all out and become a bot for over 50+ games. I saw a thread a while ago claiming 65+ games of being a robot would get you from F to C+ behavior score. This no longer applies. In the Rubick replays you can see serious support effort (other than the games no one took core so I filled the role) with nonstop ward purchase and attending every fight and tower dive and stacking camps, pooling tangoes/wards during hero picks and picking support first. I have decent standing accounts but this one has always been in a really bad shadow pool where every game is me and 1 guy tops playing the game seriously (this is evident in any replay you pick in the last 50 games).

I was still receiving reports and even had my steam account picture taken down from steam reports during off hours (must be automated). I am posting because even if you were a bad behaved person it shouldn't take 30 hours to not even progress on a path towards redeeming your account. I heard people argue it should take forever to get out and I agree, but I DROPPED behavior score in the 50+ games of being a non offensive robotic, inhumane player.

I doubt this will gain traction simply due to bias but I won't be playing the game again in response to this. People with that low of behavior score shouldn't be given 3 reports a week similar to low priority, because these players visit LP frequently. I even got 2 games of LP WHILE I WAS A BOT which shouldn't happen if I am not committing an offense. If you nitpick you could say my account name warrants reports, but that's a long stretch considering the names found in the 50+ replays (it's an eminem reference).

I'm not mad seeing as I avoided low behavior score with other accounts. But you can play ranked on a perfect behavior score (10k) account in 100 games, where as, I wasted my time playing 50 games for nothing. Rehabilitation should be encouraged but I see Valve is rather focused on weeding out any sort of bad history players altogether.

Steam Pic Removal: https://imgur.com/a/OQsbI7Q