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Thread: Game Freeze

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    Game Freeze

    Always when i start to play the game freezes and i need to wait for 5 sec to be back to normal. But this time the game stopped and i needed to shut down from task manager.
    Can someone explain to me how can i fix this?
    I notice this after i changed my windows from hdd to ssd.
    But only happens on dota 2 and not on other programs.
    I can move the mouse run chrome and etc. programs.
    Posted here because it only happens when i start playing the game, or should i post this to Performance & Technical Support?
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    You could try to:
    - start Steam via this batch shortcut:
    - add some troubleshooting Dota 2 launch options:
    -nogammaramp -novr -nojoy -noime -nobreakpad -nogamestats -noloaderlockprobe -disablehangwatchdog -swap_chain_as_is -deferTextureLoads

    The issue is likely having to do with a program on your computer messing with Steam / Dota.
    You should add dota2.exe to your AV and firewall exceptions list.
    Security software such as ESET, avast, AVG and even built-in Windows Defender are a bit cancerous for Steam gaming (as an alternative, Avira or BitDefender are better on all counts).

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