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Thread: Simplify TA Meld usage

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    Simplify TA Meld usage

    I think Templar's Meld is hella annoying to use. Quite often I misclick on ground or something instead of enemy and my hero just moves and loses the attack buff. I'd appreciate a change to the skill that would make it simpler to use.
    Some examples that might work:

    1. Make the attack buff linger for 1 sec after losing invisibility, so you can still attack someone with it after you click on ground.
    2. Automatically attack the nearest visible unit (prioritizing heroes) when losing invisiblity by issuing a move command.
    3. While melded, replace the skill with a "Meld Attack" ability, because misclicking with a skill won't cause you to move.
    4. Meld can be ended by press the skill again or pressing Stop key, but not by moving.

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    So, make TA a proximity mine? Hmm. There are many uses for the 'Meld'. You can chose your target from the shadows, also useful when escaping. If she autoattacked then I couldn't Meld to hide and select my target, or hide while retreating. In my opinion, auto attack would ruin that function and bring her skill and value down.
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