#1) DEVILISH FACE - 0 (1800)

1. Morbid Mask - 900
2. Morbid Mask - 900

+20 damage
+20% lifesteal

The artifact is immediately absorbed into the soul of the hero, without taking up space in
the slots.
(as used - Moon Shard,
you can not sell, you can not throw away, you can not re-buy the item.
Sold the soul to the devil, there is no way back.

The item can be bought only until the 10th minute of the game, after the item can not
be collected)

#2) GLOVES OF GREED - 0 (5950)

1. Hand of Midas - 1650 (2150)
2. Sacred Relic - 3800

+80 damage
+50 attack speed

__Passively: - By killing enemy heroes, the glove holder receives 50% more gold.

__Passively: - steals 15 gold from an enemy hero for each hit in a melee attack. (not counted with jinada - bounty hunter)
If the enemy has gold on the account and there is nothing more to steal, then this opponent will have a 25% chance to miss physical attack on any targets.

__Passively: - a glove holder can buy any items with a 25% discount
(for example, Ogre Axe costs 1000 gold, and with gloves you can buy for 750 gold.
Vitality Booster costs 1100 gold, but with gloves you can buy for 775 gold, etc. )
There is a chance to quickly collect expensive artifacts and save gold.
(The artifact is perfect for heroes who start a farm with midas, such as Anti-Mage, Void, Legion commander, Lifestealer)


1) Mask of Madness - 0 (1175)
2) Demon Edge - 2200

+55 damage
+20% lifesteal
+15% attack speed

___Ability: Double-faced - Gives +55 attack speed and + 6% movement speed, but reduces armor by 4 and prohibits the use of spells. Lasts 16 seconds.
Manacost: 25 mp. Сooldown: 55 sec

The owner of the mask during the battle can take the form of one of the number of the present enemy at a distance of 200 units. Taking a look takes 2 seconds, but gets off.
The enemy must be in the shape you need to turn.
After assuming the appearance of the enemy, the mask holder takes over his appearance and his main combat characteristics (white - damage, armor, strength, agility, intelligence), opponents cannot use the "targeted spells" on you, but you are hit by the mass spells of opponents .. .
While applying the mask, you cannot use your spells, you cannot use artifacts that change your appearance (manta style, ethereal blade, blade mail, black king bar).
The artifact is good to use against such heroes as:
- Dragon Knight - Elder Dragon Form,
- Sven - God's Strength,
- Terrorblade - Metamorphosis
- Undying - Flesh Golem,
- Lone Druid - True Form,
- Alchemist - Chemical Rage
- Lycan - Shapeshift
- Рangolier - Rolling Thunder
- Broodmother - Insatiable Hunger
- Templar Assassin - Refraction
- Troll Warlord - Battle Trance
- Ursa - Enrage
- Lifestealer - Rage

#4) HELM OF LIGHT - 0 (2750)

1) Helm of Iron Will - 900
2) Crown - 450
3) Talisman of Evasion - 1400

+5 all attributes
+5 armor
+5 hp regeneration per second
+18% missing

__Ability: The Power of Light - at night, every 8 seconds scatters a wave of light around itself, thereby causing enemies who hide in the shadow of the night within a radius of 700 units. Hidden opponents catching a wave of light are lost, the first three hits - 100% miss and silence for 3 seconds


1) Magic stick - 200
2) ring of tarrasque - 700
3) stout shield - 200

+5 all attributes
+180 health
+4 hp regeneration per second

__Passive: Block Damage - with a probability of 50%, blocks 30 damage if the owner is a melee hero, or 15 damage if a ranged hero.
__Passive: The medallion collects one charge for each nearby spell used by enemy heroes, a maximum of 20 charges. One charge recovers 20hp and 20mp.
The medallion is triggered automatically when your health drops below what the Medallion can restore at that very moment, depending on how many charges are accumulated.
The medallion works automatically regardless of what state you are in
(silence, stun, hex, Nullifier effect, Doom, Ancient Apparition - Ice Blast effect)
Often, opponents kill us without giving us the opportunity to use charges in sticks, with this medallion we can go into battle safely without being distracted by the idea that we need to have time to use the charges at the right time.
If you are not killed instantly causing great damage.
- strong critical strike,
- Laguna Blade (Lina),
- Finger of Death (Lion),
- Mines of Techies,
- Sunstrike (Invoker)
- Thundergod's Wrath (Zeus)
- Sanity's Eclipse (Outworld Devourer)