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Thread: [Pangolier] Rolling Thunder's spell immunity dispel doesn't work

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    [Pangolier] Rolling Thunder's spell immunity dispel doesn't work

    Rolling Thunder applies spell immunity, however, it is not treated as such by spells which are supposed to get dispelled by spell immunity.

    As of now, Rolling Thunder cannot dispel Deafening Blast's disarm, Dream Coil's non-aghs leash, and Slark's Pounce.

    All other sources of dispel (BKB, Rage, Blade Fury, Life Break, Battle Cry with talent, Duel with aghs).
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    Debuff Deafening Blast Knockback: Undispellable.
    Debuff Deafening Blast Disarm: Undispellable.

    And i'm a bit surprised on the slark's one. Slark cann't apply it on rolling thuder, but rolling thunder cann't be cast on pounce either. So how did you manage to have them both at same time ?

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    He listed abilities that are only supposed to be removable by turning spell immune (but not by a regular or strong dispel), such as Deafening Blast and those other ones.

    Pounce & Rolling Thunder cannot be active at the same time, but it is a part of the list of spells that are supposed to be removable via spell immunity.

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