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    Idea about ranked matchmaking changes:
    I know, its looks not 100 percent perfectly, but better then what dota having now. (just my mind)

    Most important things here, that players can create ranked matchmaking servers with requirements.

    Player can create ranked host server with name example: (Join dota ranked ancient + legends reaquirements etc.) When player create host - this must have an ID of the creator - this id just can be dota 2 friend ID. With this feature you can add players to blacklist on your server by a team voting from both of sides. Voting will be avileable after match end.
    There will be some reasons what player doing wrong. What players choice when voting to request for blacklist:

    When minimum 8 players have voted for blacklist some person for some reason then client dota 2 make auto report and send it to some guys at volvo or steam suport who will do a right decision. (add to blacklist on this server this account or not)

    You can not add player to blacklist on your server with just right click, even if you are create the server.
    Vote for request of blacklist on server must be done with minimum 8 players from both of sides
    When player join your server - you can see there info about him, on how many servers he in blacklist (blacklist can be accepted only a guys at volvo or steam suport).


    #Feeding on mid nonstop on purpose, destroyed items etc (any type of game ruining)
    #cheating in the game - there need window where players can txt how this guy is cheating. Example: autohex, autocreep blocking, strange pings, or arrows on map like on this video
    #Smurf / boosted account. To kick player for this reason need to see all publick match history, for just players this is hidden, but for guys at volvo not. So reasons why account can be smurf or boost i already try to show in all threads where i am spam like idiot id new accounts with many winstreaks, all cores with many KDA every game, many hero pool, that is impossible if you are newbie player.
    #Non stop abandon matches on purpose. - not accept requests when player hav single disconnects with electricity or internet problems.
    (when player disconnect 3-5 times and press disconnect key in botom menu then accept request to blacklist) On replay you will se it.

    Player cant create host higher rank then he is. But can set in server settings that lower rank can join the server but not more then 1 rank lower. Example (if iam ancient, i can not set divine players or heralds with 2k can joing server what i creat, but ancient can work with legend. Divine can work with ancient. Immortal can work with divine )

    Same things with conduct samury, you cant set in setting server when create host more conduct samury requirements then you have now at this moment on your account. If your counduct samury set 8000, than guys with 6000 can not join but with 7000-8000 avarage can. Its mean if you wanna play with pro players, or just good guys with 10 000 conduct samury - you need have same conduct samury to join their games. WIth this you will be motivated to fix your samury and be a nice guy, and make comunity better.

    DELETE LOW PRIORITY FROM THE GAME. this is no need for doto, there you will learn nothing useful.

    example how it will looks:

    Reguirements to join the server:
    1 Rank - ancient all players whos have ancient and legend ranks if host added legends rank can join this host
    2 conduct samury scores minimum 8000-7000 <<< if your conduct lower then 7000 , than you cant join this server.
    3 minimum 500 games played on account
    4 set regions + lang setting select (example, CIS - regions, russia, ukraine, europian - there same ping)
    5 Host can vote for kick players who get boosted or smurfer and add him to black list on this server and this account never join this server anymore. (the VOTE can by done only with minimum of 8 payers in both of teams) And decition will be done with steam suport, or some guys at volvo.

    Shuffle players when press start, example: (mid - with mid, suports with suports, cores with cores.)
    Here will be already choised game roles for all who joined to server.

    Slots roles:
    Mid 1 team 2 pos # <--shuffle randomly when start--> # Mid 2 team 2 pos
    carry easy lane 1 team 1 pos # <--shuffle randomly when start--> # carry easy lane 2 team 1 pos
    hardlaner - 1 team 3 pos # <--shuffle randomly when start--> # hardlaner - 2 team 3 pos
    roamer - 1 team 4 pos # <--shuffle randomly when start--> # roamer - 2 team 4 pos
    support 1 team 5 pos # <--shuffle randomly when start--> # support 2 team 5 pos

    1-Players can join this servers automated by just pressing button search ranked game with selected roles, and when server detect free slot for this role, and guy who searching the match got right requirements what server host set in requirements, then this guy will be auto join on free slot of this server host.

    2-Or manualy with a lobby list search. Example (open lobby list, set ancient rank if you are ancient or legend, if host set it,) and you just join the server lobby, and jump into slot where u wanna play, and on what role. (you can not join server if your reqiurement not like in host settings).

    if it good idea, Add this to beta client for test. Thanks.

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    If host/server creator - game ruiner and all vote for report this guy after game, with some reason(and esxplane how he ruine game/ feed curiers etc.) - and when volvo check it, and accept, then this guy cant creat /host servers.

    - with this system your games will not ruined from start. All get selecter roles/ with no waiting for 1 game 30-50 minutes on any avarage. Game ruiners after some time cant join servers because will be in black list for ranked games/ plus minus unban them when new season started.

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