I have disconnected during draft on two occasions. One was due to personal reason and the other due to a power outage. The personal reason was a full blown abandon but the power outage was disheartening as I had LESS than 5 minutes to reconnect since it was during draft. The punishment I received both times was Low Priority.

I think in both cases, the punishment being a time ban (48 hours) is more realistic as I had no ill intentions and technically didn't ruin the game for others, other than wasting their time. Any disconnects during an actual match I agree should be punishable with Low Priority as you have fully committed to the game at that point and leaving will result in game loss. But during draft and one of the disconnect reasons being out of my control, I shouldn't be punished so severely.

Please consider this as it would make your game a lot more understanding and friendly to its player base while still deterring draft dodge abuse.