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Thread: Ranked Roles should be the standard in Solo Ranked Games not limited to DotA Plus

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    Lightbulb Ranked Roles should be the standard in Solo Ranked Games not limited to DotA Plus

    To lessen the Toxicity of unwanted games and unfair low priority judgements.
    I humbly suggest Ranked roles should not be limited in DotA Plus players and must be the standard in Solo Ranked.

    People doesn't want to play a losing game.
    Nor a game not agreed upon.
    A throw most of the time is justified because in Solo Ranked.
    you don't get to choose your teammates.

    In DotA 1. Whenever a player picks something off the team.
    We remake and take that player off the rooster.

    In DotA 2. If you really want to win.
    You may adjust. but it is still not enough.
    for example. adjusting to pick support. then 4 other players pick carry.
    It is really unfair for the one who always adjusts because compromise doesn't guarantee a win

    People throw games because there is a flaw in the system of Matchmaking that affects reporting and everything else.
    It should be corrected immediately.
    The game has been toxic ever since because of this flaw.
    It would greatly increase the satisfaction of players per game with this.

    That is why Ranked Roles should be the Standard in Solo Ranked and Open to all Players
    Party Ranked games must all be Captains Mode with a captain picked by the Majority of the team.

    Surrender feature must also be allowed by 5 players agreeing upon to make faster matches.

    Hope this suggestion reaches the devs. ^_^

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    u must get one thing
    more negative reaction from games, more desire to get positive from bying skins

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