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    Post Lo Priority bug

    The other low priority team can deny me a win by abandoning a landslide game after fifteen minutes and a load of kills.

    It wasn't even recorded in my match history but I had 1-0-4 and others on the team had more kills so it was definitely long past the scoring stage.

    When the match ended I wrote, "its not counted?" and the others were familiar with it, so it is currently a feature.

    If you losing hard in low priority abandon and know, you are still trolling! WooHoo!
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    People get so obsessed with how to blame they end up blaming themselves, and when there is a murder popularised on TV, these crazy people from the pubic show up to the police station claiming to be guilty of it.

    The police not only have to suspect those who report others for crime, but even those who blame themselves.

    You all know that. You all know you can't trust the public with a blame game that has no effective review.


    Why start with 5? It's not only extremely punishing, but extremely trusting, way beyond any requirement.

    The priority system is automatic. You can start with one or a hundred, or one up to a hundred, and not even have to hire a software engineer.

    Five wins goes on for days. I'm an adult. I haven't crossed the line here. I was DCed.


    At least, why don't you put buttons into the report feature for the reports you don't want to hear but you know people will not let go.

    When I report you then for being DCed I press the "report for abandoning" button.

    When I report someone for not carrying my team I press the "not able to play Dota" button.

    And the same for the reports you know are happening but I don't and do not match your buttons on the report feature. Try.

    That's facing reality.

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