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Thread: <DOTA PLUS> role-based matchmaking

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    I acquired DOTA PLUS for the third consecutive month, and I think it's a good idea the role-based matchmaking ...
    But I run into the following difficulty: Usually my game time is between 00:00 and 6:00, so usually a game by role-based matchmaking takes about 1 hour to find or a little less by choosing support or offlaner ...

    So why do not you release this type of game for everyone at that time on the servers, because it makes no sense to acquire an exclusively paid product if you can not use it ....
    This would even be interesting for you, because those who do not pay would experience and take a liking for the product ... and end up buying ... And you will have more players in servers at that time too...
    Something that could happen, would be many free2play taking up the vacancies of HC and MID in the search, which would make the situation worse, so could release only suport or offlaner in the " role-based matchmaking free 2 play mode" With the punishment that if you enter and perform another function, other than the proposal, through the specific report, it loses the right to seek this type of match for a while...
    Just a suggestion from someone who has the product, like it, but can not use it ...
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