Match id : 4706563354

Match date : just finished now

Abuser steam profile id :

This guy who was playing pudge kept feeding for 39 continues minutes after someone bought the exp tomb, He kept buying loads of sentries to block creep camp spawns so our team would not be able to take any jungle farm.
This guy kept buying gems/wards and drops to enemy team plus reporting to enemy team our positions and not to mention the amount of extreme flame and toxic behavior in chat.

Now the team decided to try their best with the game and just report him after the match, here is the thing valve.. to all the devs who are working or steam employees or valve admins.

This is not the first time that some of us encounter these type of people, a 2/3/4 lp matches won't make em stop doing what they are doing and won't teach them a lesson, and to be honest, its not my fucking fault to lose a game because of such mentally sick people.

You guys either 6-month ban or perma ban this guy before dota 2 turns into a game filled with extreme game ruiners, DO YOUR F*CKING JOB FOR ONCE

I played dota since warcraft 3 custom map and after the release of dota 2 i have invested a good amount of money in the game and not missing a compendium every year with some dota plus subscriptions, it just feels like you guys don't really care about the community as long as the money keeps coming in..

i know no one of you probably gives 2 damns about this but its just getting out of hand, open up a department of make up a team of mods/admins to actually check those matches and take proper action, like come on, it would'nt take that much time to check a couple of minutes of match reply and make this game community great again.