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Thread: Fixing morph's shift, limit the % it can change per level.

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    Fixing morph's shift, limit the % it can change per level.

    Think I have a simple fix for morph, no idea why his win rate is low for now, but should he become too strong sometime in the future I guess, a simple balancing trick is making shift a constant speed, but having it change the min/max you must have for each stat, so he can't just go to "1" str. at the start of the game for the huge advantage it nets in attack speed/animation and base damage for last hitting.

    For example at level 1 it would be 40%/60%
    Level 2: 30%/70%
    level 3:20%/80%
    level 4:10%/90%

    that way he might actually be killable in lane, or at most points of the game unless you have a very specific draft against him.

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    Following what's going on at the disney land major and his substantial win rate, I think my fix does a lot to help, his ultimate should force him to stay as the hero he picks for a number of seconds
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