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Thread: Unable to download the network configuration from cdn

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    Unable to download the network configuration from cdn

    been getting this problem after the newest steam update, i can't watch any live game or accepting any game(i can find game but when i try to connect the error always popup). The only solution right now that i able to temporary fix is force sync it, if i want to play i have to test first if i get the error i switch my hero item and quit dota to force sync it then most likely i can watch game or play it normally, but sometimes it doesn't work either. So is there a permanent fix for this?

    So after a couple more testing, i can seem to connect to dota in game as well (i don't have to force sync it), but i need to wait a couple minute before it connect. Like something is blocking it and after a lot of refreshing seems to do the work, so any idea what might causing this(all my internet is fine i can download browse anything fine only dota, steam a bit clunky too but dota seems the most clunky)?
    -----update 1

    Alright now i kinda narrow down the problem here (for my case at least), so it seems that the problem with me after checking through console is that i failed to connect to SDR network config like this

    [SteamNetSockets] SDR network config fetch first attempt failed. No response from server. Trying again.
    [SteamNetSockets] Got SDR network config. Loaded revision 224 OK

    and after a while it seems to automatically timed out and refetch again and bam no CDN error whatsoever.

    But i did some testing as well, if i keep force watch game for testing and getting the cdn error message, it seems that "it" think that the problem is on me locally and it stop to retry fetching SDR config. I can also wait for it to retry fetching again after the cdn error, but it seems to have longer retry fetching time than if i'm not getting the cdn error in the first place. so any dev here can shed some light about this?
    -----update 2

    Found another interesting find, it seems that if i failed twice the fetching SDR config it will automatically give up. It even typed that it just give up and cannot connect to steam SDR

    [SteamNetSockets] SDR network config fetch attempt #2 failed. No response from server. Giving up. SDR functionality will not be available!

    I also notice that some interesting log here, might connect to the cdn problem but i dont know

    [SteamNetSockets] steamnetworkingsockets_lowlevel.cpp (117) : Assertion Failed: SteamDatagramTransportLock held for 25.7ms!

    if anyone know what does it mean feel free to let me know
    -----update 3
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