What will be with normal players when they get internet or electricity issues and abandon match?
-Your account will get low conduct samury
-low counduct samury give you game ruiners in team. Right or no?
-What will be with player when he play with game ruiners nonstop? - he will start ruine game to others to. (just play 10-20 matches with game ruiners)

Instead of ban game ruiners for long time, you just tilt normal players with this system when normal players get matched with game ruiners with low conduct samury, and they start ruine games to others. Your system just bring more game ruiners to matchmaking.
You can get low conduct samury for many reasons even if you are not game ruiner at this time yet... I am also not speak about that this conduct samury cant be abused to 10 000 with 10 twink accounts on any server or on turbo mode.
Its mean - i can be total idiot or game ruiner with 1 conduct samury on my account, and go to dubai server with 10 twink accounts or turbo mode, and play 25 matches and my counduct samury raise to 10 000 and i can go play with normal players and ruine game to them.
This is example how it can be: - https://dev.dota2.com/showthread.php?t=289523

Sorry if i am not understand how its working, or miss something, or just get 100000000000 times game ruiners nonstop coz its just unluck xD.