Well so just to let everyone knows, there is a good way to spin the wheel close to Arcana.

So far I had several Rylai´s wheels to spin this year and was able to hit spin again on every single one of them.
Last years it was harder because game slowed or speed the wheel more likely not to get in range. This time, I was able to get up to 3x spin again in a row. But you get a set no matter what after second spin in a row (in my 3 spin in a row, I got set after 2nd one as well, but game bugged so I was able to spin again, thanks to a high latency of network. Then it crashed and didn´t let me spin for a 4th time).

But my last 2 spin after few updates was most rigged, wheel almost stopped on spin again (1st spin), but just before it stopped, it accelerated supper fast into the other end of wheel and got a set again.
And in my other spin, I have got set even that wheel stopped on spin again after I hit spin again for a second time in a row.

I bet some of you have experienced the same or similar behavior. We all know Gaben (our lord and savior), doesn´t want to, give all too much easily, but this is getting ridiculous.