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Thread: Chat Wheel Sounds do not work on my account

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    Angry Chat Wheel Sounds do not work on my account


    I have tested my chat wheel sounds on two different computers. For some reason they do not work at all on my account regardless of which machine I use. I am level 400+ in battlepass and have purchased these levels specifically for some of the voice lines. Can this please be looked into?

    Thank you!

    Voice chat wheel sounds do not work on my account. I have toyed with audio settings and nothing has worked. Another account w/ voice chat wheel works on my computer. My account's chat wheel sounds still doesn't work on his computer.

    Repro Steps:
    I try to use voice chat wheel lines from battlepass

    Nothing happens. Not even the text of the voice line appears.

    Expected Result:
    Chat wheel should make a sound. Non-voice chat wheel messages still appear.
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