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Thread: Battle Pass 2019 (Weekly Quest Bug)

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    Battle Pass 2019 (Weekly Quest Bug) - Updated

    Weekly Quest: Interrupt 5 enemy heroes during a teleport

    I notice it's stuck at 1/5 despite there are additional 4 winning games with 1/2 teleport interruption done each but was not updated in the weekly quest.

    Match ID: 4734557035 @ 22min 45sec with bounty hunter
    Match ID: 4734676148 @ 12min 20sec with sand king
    Match ID: 4735063510 @ 14min 05sec with sand king
    Match ID: 4736156175 @ 04min 07sec & 13min 20sec with sand king (x2)

    Was thinking that the reason the first one counted was before some minor updates to "patch some bugs", afterwards it does not count anymore.

    Please support to verify. Thanks
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