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Thread: Game decided by leavers, real money stuff lost to this, the neverending story

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    Angry Game decided by leavers, real money stuff lost to this, the neverending story

    I know you are sick of this topic but i loose with real money payed stuff to a technical failure of anyone!

    This is such demotivating. Why cant you pls handle this problem? Its like "Oh, in a soccer match your keeper died, you lost noobs!"
    The questionable fun of this long time stroy ends in the moment i send you 40bugs and realize even more how bad this is by loosing realmoney worth stuff.

    I dont complain about loosing, its the way how it happens and you avoid this topic for decades. You know exactly how this feels and it happens often enough and you struggle to deal with this problem.

    Stop punishing players for other players technical failures.

    Leaverrule in the old DotaLeague:
    When a player leaves in you team you wont get a loose but when you win you still get the win. The leavers gets a double loose.

    We have seasons now, you can mmr reset in intervals so no one goes to high mmr.

    I was right, i have seen the better team and fullsuportet them all the game, place all the bets possible on it and in very lategame, close to finish the last rax our carry left. So much effort to the game, what you think? Go next? Then give me my 750 betshards back for this technical error.
    Feels so questionable to spend money on dota this times.
    believe in Valve!

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    How exactly did you lose real world money because you lost a game?

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