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Thread: replacment of "+exec .exam.cfg /help

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    Question replacment of "+exec .exam.cfg /help

    hi. So i would like to put my tp slot on quickcast but also i wanted to use extended settings of automatical/quick casts. Now there is no way to do it in dota settings. But i go further and with help ru dota forum i could found that command - bind T "dota_item_quick_cast 15" (where T is button for tp). All is well but still few problems, beta.... If you dont clear tp slot in dota settings you will have to write this commans after every launch of dota client. If you clear tp slot in settings then selftcast (alt+tp) wont work. Then i go in cfg files in dota and create cfg file with that command and i hope that command will work in every launch if i write "+exec qtp.cfg" (qtp-cfg file)but +exec doesnt work and "exec qtp.cfg" in game console - work. So if there some command to replace "+exec"??? or please, fix that problem so i will able to use quickcast tp and advanced cast setting at the same time!! ty!!

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    doesnt work but i write macros which will write this command for me. So my problem partually is decided

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    upd. - devs pay attention to this by summer scrub!!!!

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