People dont even get upset about Meepo any more. It's just a game over. It' just a dead game expected when Meepo is picked. Meepos closest rival is Phantom Lancer. Meepos closest rival is possibly the most nerfed hero in the whole set. But Meepo has had super buffs instead.

Someone picks a mid Meepo and the other players say to each other at the start of the match here is probably an immortal ranked player there is no point in playing against with a Meepo. The reality is, Meepo is killing your game on the fun level. Meepo is game over for the lower ranks.

Permanently disable from 1250 range? There is no real cast point and the missile is barely ever avoidable.

The damage is only powerful when all the Meepos are there and the other skills should be the same. If you want Meepo to disable from 1250 range you should put the disable on a skill that sends him 1250 range. Meepo is the most mobile hero. The most mobile on the map. The most disabling. The farthest imbalance for XP. These are support hero skills so you really are killing the game with this one wether you have looked at the numbers or received complaints or w/e, reality shows.