Bug - Coach Challenge main page is not showing the correct friend's score.

Suggestion - Coach challenge is a great idea. However it should not be a thumb up (rise score) or thumb down (lose score), rather it should be review in terms of 0 to 3 stars (100 points per stars maybe, with no negative score).

When we coach, we want the team to win. We spend almost an hour a game to watch the team plays and advise them on rune time, enemy items, enemy missing etc.. When the team wins, we do get some thumb ups and downs. But when they lose especially non-appreciative toxic players will almost give us a thumb down thus reducing our overall score. We wanted to help and at the same time want our score to increase, just that it is so depressing to get -175 points in a losing game and all the hard earn overall points just reduced by a large amount which per games sometime earns us only +50.