Hi, i quit dota 12 months ago. 2 days ago i wanted to give it another shot play some games i bought the compendium 2019 aswell. Since i am collector of items any items actually i got like 7 000+ items 5 000 of them are for dota 2. 2 days ago i start play the game and because i have old computer i had some issues during the loading screen of every match which causes me when i click the ready check button the loading of the picking phase of all the heroes that u can choose from not to load and as this hapends the game crushed during the launching of the screen after i ready checked the start match button. I reinstalled windows and lower my graphics after this hapends almost every 2 of 5 matches during the loading screen and the problem disapear even if the loading is still very long atleast it didng crash now. Today i played few games i even muted all chat now i dont read the toxic words of other players in order not to get triggered and i also dont type anything since i removed the option from the game to chat. I never feed/troll or abandone my games since i once more start to play this game 2 days ago. And now my last game i went top lane offlane with my hero after the game finished and my team won the game the guy from top lane said he will > report me cause i took his lane < i asked him where to go with my hero in the post chat after the game finished i cant go mid lane i cant go bot lane cause its already taken i can go only top lane with you since in dota lanes are always 1 guy mid lane 2 top and 2 bot and from time to time some1 goes woods so its 5v5 games and lanes are 2/1/2.
I played after that one more game we won also. And when it finished i received ban from matchmaking until Saturday so i cant play dota at all. I quit dota 2 12 months ago just for that reason and also because i was scammed for 200 euro worth of items and dota support and steam support didnt help me return them.
Now my Conduct Summary shows that for the last 25 games i have 0 abandones of games 10 commends for good player from players and only 3 reports 2 of witch i got from the games i played 12 months ago.
I paid to play and i do want to play in calm environment thats why i mute my chat i dont want to get insults from others and i am not typing too and i still got banned. Nice!
I want to ask now are you guys gonna remove that ban so i can play some dota since i invested in this game so much time and money from my life that i feel stuped really. Can you swap the saturday ban which i dont deserve since some kiddo choosed to report me just because i took *his lane* which is not even mid lane and we also won that game why are u doing this to me ?
If u cant remove it can u atleast swap the ban with some number of low priority games so i can actually play some dota thats all i want ...
If u cant i guess this is not game for me anymore and i probably will went back to play lol. wow and hots since atleast there i am not ban hammered for days just because and after some kids decide hat i * took his lane* when actually i carry him the entire game cause he left the lane lvl 1 and went in the wodos to farm he was sand king i was tiny. So he didnt even play to win and just trolled the entire game not leaving woods.

and this is the particular match ID: 4756437223