Monkey King’s Wukong’s Command clones are supposed to only attack once every 1.2 seconds, which malfunctions when their attack misses.
The Monkey King clones will attack as fast as Monkey King’s current attack speed allows them to attack, until they finally land a successful hit.
Only after successfully hitting their target, they will enter their paused state for 1.2 seconds and will then attempt to attack another valid target, if one is present.

Are they supposed to attack until they land a successful hit, or are they only supposed to attack once every 1.2 seconds, regardless of the outcome?

Also the Monkey King clones do copy MK’s attack speed & his attack speed items, since the MK clones do attempt to attack faster, if their initial attack misses due to evasion.

Since they do copy attack speed related items, they should copy Moonshard’s permanent buff as well, since the attack speed will matter when their initial attack misses and of course due to the night vision component.
Currently they only copy permanent stat losses & Aghs Synth.