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Thread: (Probably) missing files spamming the console and spoiling the experience

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    (Probably) missing files spamming the console and spoiling the experience

    During games the console will spam a multitude of errors, mostly "[Client] Attempting to start non-existent soundevent: Beastmaster_Boar.PreAttack" (Boar.PreAttack only being an example, I've had it happen with most heroes in the game, although on very rare occasions I don't get this at all for a whole game, it also seems that only PreAttack soundevents are affected).
    Other errors include "[RenderSystem] Bad texture dimension type 3 for texture "materials/models/heroes/statuseffects/colorwarp_effigy_ti6_lvl2.vtex".. wanted 1 - returning error texture in CTextureManagerDx11::GetResourceView" ,
    "Invalid particle configuration "-preview" specified for particle effect anim event. Trying to spawn effect 'particles/econ/events/ti9/ti9_drums_musicnotes.vpcf' on model models/props_gameplay/consumable_drums.vmdl" ,
    "Overflow of the sheet cache texture. Releasing and starting over. This is ok in asset browser, not so ok if the game is triggering this!" and
    "[ResourceSystem] Error loading resource file "sounds/music/valve_ti9/music/smoke.vsnd_c" (Error: ERROR_FILEOPEN)".
    The ones most concerning to me are the PreAttack-errors and the cache texture overflow. Although those errors might have occured previously, I notice them excessively since the BattlePass update, especially the PreAttack errors. While my frames stay pretty stable at the capped 120 the game feels like it's stuttering or freezing for up to a second every few minutes. The problem is most pronounced in turbo games, the more I play without restarting the worse it gets. In the past I had a very similar problem with CSGO (1 second freezes every few minutes) wich led me to completely stop playing the game.
    As suggested by the FAQ thread I completely reinstalled the game. I also switched it over to a different drive to rule out drive failure. Furthermore I tried playing on lower settings aswell as switching between DX9 and 11. My CPU never gets above 60% percent load, RAM never over 50%. The only thing pinned is the GPU at close to 100%, although this drops if I cap the FPS at 60, without stopping the errors from occurring. Running Dota as admin doesn't make a difference either. Ping pretty much never exceeds 30 as by the game's counter, packet loss does not appear to be happening either. I am currently running Dota with the startup options -console, -high and -mainthreadpriority 1. Changing between borderless window and fullscreen does not make a difference. Drivers are up to date and internet connection is pretty stable in general.

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    I'm having the exact same problem you are describing. I have multiple non-exist soundevents every games, and often in turbo. Have you found any way to deal with it?

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    I wonder if thats the same problem I'm experiencing, sometimes it freezes for so long it disconnects back to the main menu, but the mouse and audio continues to work fine.

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