As of 7.22 the Tempest Double does not copy any spell anymore that has the –"AbilityType" "DOTA_ABILITY_TYPE_ULTIMATE"– flag, which seems a bit odd.

It would make sense that the Tempest Double is restricted from copying its own summoning spell (Tempest Double), to prevent any bugs allowing the Double to summon sub-Doubles, but disallowing all ultimates seems odd.

The reason why the clone previously spawned with Tempest Double on max cooldown was to prevent it to summon sub-Doubles, restricting any other spell on it seems unnecessary. Only the Tempest Double spell should be restricted.

Additionally, with the Tempest Double spell now not being copied over to the clone, one would assume that Refresher Orb’s active shouldn’t be restricted anymore, but it still is. This is now redundant.

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