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Thread: Meepo Auto Script

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    Meepo Auto Script

    Match ID - 4798306368
    Seems like a very smart custom auto script to me.
    The way its scripted is = Blink + HEX + POOF + ATTACK, and his mouse follows the target very smoothly every time. This sequence is repeated whole game exactly in same pattern.
    Another thing is the Earth Binding Timing. Its exactly fixed every time at approx 1.8 seconds from 1st earth bind cast, its never early or delayed ever. Humans can't be repetitive in same pattern every time like this no matter how much we practice.

    A very thanks to auto bot AI development for encouraging this more.

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    I've revised this. Totally human play, poofs have tabbing delay that's expected of an archon, and his net timings are all over the place. The first kill he got on QoP mid had 1.12 seconds delay between first and second net, and 1.26 seconds delay between second and third net, which is obviously human to leave a large safety margin to make sure QoP doesn't blink out. Later nets in the game get close to 1.5 delays, and are never fixed.

    You seem to have a misunderstanding about meepo scripting: Meepo scripting blink-poof happens instantly and nets are actually fixed-time, not what appears to be fixed time to someone who didn't time them on a stopwatch on 0.25x replay speed. I've seen humans do blink-poofs in 0.1~0.2 seconds (as can be seen in match ID 4794603791 - a recent one of my games) without aid of scripts. The meepo you're complaining about has a delay that's much larger, very typical of a human and untypical of a script.

    Also, there's a separate sticky for reporting script abuse.

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