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Thread: Communication Abuse Reports from Enemies Should Mute All-Players Chat Only

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    Lightbulb Communication Abuse Reports from Enemies Should Mute All-Players Chat Only

    (EDIT: Just figured out there's a sticky thread for this (, sorry for the duplicate. Feel free to close and move it to there.)

    I posted this on reddit, but given how hard it is for things to stand out on reddit, and the fact that I'm really desperate for attention, I decided to post it here too:

    I am a really good meepo player compared to my mmr. On bad days, I might not do much, but on good days, I can have player feeds like this:

    Fifteen hours ago, exactly after my 2nd rampage was the fourth time I have a case of frustrated enemies calling me a booster and mass-reporting me as can be seen here:

    This also happened in the first game, and I wouldn't be wrong to assume it happens 50% of the time I play meepo. People simply have wrong expectations of the hero. My teammates and enemies expect me to win solo or lose too hard because "meepo picker gg" or "no one can play meepo at this mmr". Now I don't mind getting reported if I lose meepo games, since, while I lost 206 meepo games, I managed to win 552 which is almost three times as much (, and I can understand frustrated teammates that may not have been comfortable with the meepo pick, or expected more of me than they should've. What I mind is getting muted for winning meepo games.

    While enemies can only report me for communication abuse, 6 reports from annoyed enemies after two consecutive rampage games was enough to get me muted for 24 hours... I didn't abuse communication, not to my team, and certainly not to the enemy, and I still get prevented not only from talking to my enemies for 24 hours, but also to my teammates.

    I believe communication abuse reports from enemies should only prevent me from talking to enemies in the future. They shouldn't affect how I can communicate with my teammates. Only communication abuse reports from teammates should have the power to do that.

    This might be a topic for another discussion, but I also disagree with reports having the power to prevent me from talking in a game that depends heavily upon communication, since that not only penalizes me, it also penalizes my team. It makes me unable to defend my pick (usu. important if you're a meepo picker), justify actions to teammates, stress the importance of bounty runes, or ask for TPs when I'm being ganked in lane. Not being able to communicate usually ends up with me losing games, and being reported even further for decisions I can't explain to my teammates (because I'm muted).

    Since I expect some replies that do not address the main issue, and go in roundabout ways to call me toxic anyway, I'd like to note that my player behavior score is 6700: - It used to be 8000 before the reports, and, while it's not that high, I'd say it's about average for someone who mainly plays high complexity cores and rarely plays any support.

    I tried to provide as much evidence to support my claims as I could possibly get my hands on. Thank you for reading this.
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