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Thread: Intentionally Lose the Game?

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    Intentionally Lose the Game?

    When a game can win but the teammate or main carry intentionally didn't want to push or keep dragging the game. Watch the game yourself all stupid Dota 2 players who involved in account buying or selling, boosting of mmr and abusing or mmr.

    Match ID: 4812354497

    Hard to comment on this game because the Spectre in team Radiant still denied to push although there were so many chances to push. In real, that Spectre simply dived in and suicide with his hero. So obvious he wanted the team Dire to win by dragging and dragging non-stop till the enemies becoming harder to fight.

    These parties are really suspicious in abusing mmr but I don't know why the Valve or IceFrog team is so stupid want them to be alive in the game. Making Dota 2 to become a "PAY TO PLAY" game where players need to subscribe a DotaPlus in order to join Ranked Role MM.

    Party on Radiant side:

    Party on Dire side:
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    Dota 2 is a good and well-designed game but the developer is so stupid to allow those abusers alive without a stricter banning system.
    Really hopeless game after playing it for more than a decade.
    The International confirm will stop or shut down after a few years!

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    I have a feeling that you're upset because you have lost mmr from these abusive players. While it's not likely that we can influence their decision making all of a sudden to be better players you can however stop playing ranked while your behavior score is below 10000. My advise is to play Turbo so you can have fun and get some commends-these commends will increase your behavior score and greatly increase your chances of finding better quality games.

    Being reported and Abandoning matches will damage your behavior score and partner you up with similar players.
    Once your behavior score is back at 10000 then play ranked to avoid meeting people like that.

    Hint: Every 10 games or so your player summary updates to show your new behaviour score and you can see the old one in your profile at the bottom under your recent matches.

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