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Thread: Unfair Conduct rating

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    Unfair Conduct rating

    Hey guys,

    I get bad conduct rating by playing normally. I'm a Meepo spammer level 25, and it's very polarizing to people. It's either I get tons of commends or reports. I'm either a Meepo God or an account buyer. But we all have bad games right? 3 bad games out of 20, it happens, right? Then that's what I have right now. Which translate into 8 reports for 33 commends, and I get 4900 conducts. And I rarely lose with meepo with a negative records, when I lose I have something like 13-8... But somehow, it's always my fault. Worse, I even get reported when I win. When I stomp people, I get reported as being a booster or a smurf...

    When I play in EU, it's fine. But in SEA, my rating goes down like crazy...

    I'm not far from being in the red zone and wait 99+ min to get a game... Can't I play the game the way I want it?!?
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